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Code of ethics

Business House Research - Code of Ethics

Association of Independent Information Professionals
Code of Ethical Business Practice

An Information Professional bears the following responsibilities:

  • Uphold the profession's reputation for honesty, competence, and confidentiality.
  • Give clients the most current and accurate information possible within the budget and time frames provided by the clients.
  • Help clients understand the sources of information used and the degree of reliability which can be expected from those sources.
  • Accept only those projects which are legal and are not detrimental to our profession.
  • Respect client confidentiality.
  • Recognize intellectual property rights. Respect licensing agreements and other contracts. Explain to clients what their obligations might be with regard to intellectual property rights and licensing agreements.
  • Maintain a professional relationship with libraries and comply with all their rules of access.
  • Assume responsibility for employees' compliance with this code.

Source: Association of Independent Information Professionals