Business House Research

Business Writer
Steve Greechie, MBA, MSLIS, MA

The Merchant's Companion, 1715

Steve Greechie contributed the The Core Business Web
which the American Library Association chose as the Best Business Reference Book of 2003

Here are some samples of Steve's other work:


AOL Time Warner Center
Architectural Record, 2003

Numbering Standards for Ebooks
The Association of American Publishers, 2000

Research and Copy

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MoneyRates, 2010

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Answerbag, 2010

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Vendor Guru, 2009

Interview with Dr. James Billington, Librarian of Congress
Publishing House Research, 2008

Interview with Marybeth Peters, Register of Copyright, Library of Congress
Publishing House Research, 2008

Interview with Ken Wasch
President of the Software and Information Industry Association
Publishing House Research, 2006

The Global Primary and Secondary Education Market
The McGraw-Hill Companies, 2005

A Note on Language for Business Librarians
Information Outlook, 9 (9), 2005

The LOC and Copyright
Federal Librarian, 2005

Introduction to A Directory of Publishing Industry Resources
Journal of Business and Finance Librarianship, 8 (2), 2002

Nuclear Power and Market Failure
The Boston Business Journal, April, 1990

Social Marketing: Strategies for Changing Public Behavior
Book review and discussion, 1989, XLNtArts

ALA-SEM Announces The Community Tradition Campaign
The American Lung Association, 1985